Daily dose of love quotes here


Daily dose of love quotes here

Daily dose of love quotes here
"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin."
Mother Teresa (via feellng)
so funny ;D

When moon

When in a cloudless night and the moon rise.
I will think of you

Oh I’m such bad

But love is just a feeling, so it doesn’t matter right or wrong?
Can I say both????? I like both.
Because I’m very greedy originally so I just a little being shock by myself.

You two are all important to me.
But I admit that I like Ian more now.
I like another less now.
Maybe this summer pass and I will change my thoughts?
I don’t know. Because everything will be different in next second. I can’t promise, too.

Whether I believe now or before???

Or maybe I just want a person can input my relationship?

Consider your things all night that I didn’t sleep well.
My brain just too complicate.
So I let it have a break»»>go running this morning and having my favorite food.
I have a long time that didn’t feel so comfortable life^ ^

Too happy so I cried

The first experience!!!!!!!!! First time!!!!!
You are really a special person to me.
Happy and my heart is a little sore. First time I don’t ask a person an extravagant demand. I showed understanding a person first time. Why I such attach importance your feeling? First time🙀 I’m shocked … I don’t know whether I deem you to be a lover. Because at that time i had a complicate relationship with a guy. in the same situation, I also didn’t know what do I think about him in my heart.
Maybe you two are all very important to me?
But in fact… These two years I never forgot you.
Some people I never forget in my heart :-)